Getting a kick out of Life.

I am at an Internet standstill...


I’m not where I want to be at with this blog… and I’m not where I want to be with YouTube. I think it’s because I don’t have Internet access at home (other than through a cell phone).

High-speed Internet is such a privilege. I can still remember what dial-up was like back in Jr. High and High School – I actually miss the sounds. Yet, for the speeds provided, I feel like I was much more productive back then learning things through chat rooms and looking things up. Nowadays, productivity is lost to distractions that aren’t very significant (to me) in the long run. Is it the lack of speed? Or is it social media? I think small screens, such as those on hand-held devices, are to blame.

I need to disconnect so as to reconnect.

I think I’d be a great candidate for the Light Phone 2…