Getting a kick out of Life.

A Black Hole?


What in the galaxies is a black hole?

Scientifically, I must be ignorant… but my mind this morning imagines the answer to be the pupil of an enormous cosmological eye.

Fluctuating in size, dependent upon an outside stimulus and its own internal structure – it is an abyss.

It reminds me of a drawing I made years ago…

abyss drawing -big-center

I must have been nineteen years young when I started it. The black rectangular form can serve as either the entrance to an abyss or the frame of a mirror (leading to the abyss of someone’s eye?).

On a related note, I don’t believe there is anything that is “nothing” or empty. The air in front of people usually looks empty but under the sunlight, at the right angle, one can see tiny shining particles of dust floating around.

This goes without mentioning that we all breathe something in and something out.

I’d be interested in your thoughts; what do you think a black hole is?